Actor John Goodman

Celebrity Q&A, People
on January 23, 2012

Q: What is John Goodman of the TV series Roseanne doing now? Is he married, and does he have children?

—Sharon Puhl, Rochester, Minn.

Goodman, 59, who was born in Affton, Mo., and portrayed Dan Conner on Roseanne from 1988 to 1997, now plays Vice Dean Robert Laybourne on the NBC sitcom Community. His recent movies include Red State, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and The Artist. He has been filming Flight with Denzel Washington and will supply the voice of Sulley for Monsters University, the upcoming prequel to Monsters Inc. Goodman and his wife, Anna Beth, who owns Pippen Lane, a children's boutique in New Orleans, have an adult daughter.