Singers John Mellancamp and Travis Tritt

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on October 24, 2004

Two Singers Call for a Political Truce

Rock singer John Mellencamp, a Democrat, and country singer Travis Tritt, a Republican, have teamed up to record What Say You, a song that makes a plea for political civility. “There’s a positive message and it’s that we should be able to say what is on our minds without suffering repercussions, whether you’re left, right, middle or whatever, and have an intelligent exchange of opinion,” Mellencamp says. “For some reason right now, that’s not happening. I think it’s a terrible place we’re in where people are at each other’s throats over politics.” The duet can be found on Tritt’s latest CD, My Honky Tonk History. “This song is sort of, ‘I have my opinions and I’ll be glad to share them with you, but between the two of us, can’t we find some common ground?'” Tritt says. “That’s the kind of country I want to live in. I thought it was a great message for the time.”