Ask AP: John Nettles

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on February 3, 2011

John Nettles is magnificent as Detective Tom Barnaby in the British mystery series Midsomer Murders. How many episodes has he done?
¬óFloyd Goodwin, Concord, Mass.

Nettles, 67, will have solved more than 200 murders in 81 episodes when he exits the show this spring. “I wanted to die in noble fashion in the service of my country and then be buried with full military honors in Westminster Abbey,” Nettles says. “But Tom and his long-suffering wife, Joyce, will simply retire. It’s always better to leave when people want more.” The series will continue with Neil Dudgeon as the new top sleuth. Midsomer Murders: Set 17 will be released on DVD Feb. 22 by Acorn Media.