Turning 50 in 2004

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on June 13, 2004

This year I am celebrating my 50th birthday, along with John Travolta and Howard Stern. What other celebrities are reaching 50 in 2004?

—Michael W., New Mexico

Oprah Winfrey threw herself a big 50th birthday celebration on Jan. 29, saying that she wanted to make everybody jealous and wishing they were turning 50. “What I know for sure as I crest this major milestone: My life is bigger than I can ever know or imagine. Finally, I feel grown—more like myself than I’ve ever been,” she wrote in her magazine, O. Other notable half-century markers in 2004: from movies: Rene Russo (Feb. 17), director Ron Howard (March 1), Jackie Chan (April 7), Dennis Quaid (April 9), Ellen Barkin (April 16), Rick Moranis (April 18), Kathleen Turner (June 19), director James Cameron (Aug. 16), and Denzel Washington (Dec. 28); from music: Nancy Wilson of Heart (March 16), Ricky Skaggs (July 18), Elvis Costello (Aug. 25), Yanni (Nov. 4), and Annie Lennox (Dec. 25); from TV: Jerry Seinfeld (April 29), Al Roker (Aug. 20), The Sopranos’ Lorraine Bracco (Oct. 2); and from sports: Tony Dorsett (April 7), Marvin Hagler (May 23), Chris Evert (Dec. 21).