Actor-singer Johnny Crawford

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on June 27, 2004

Can you give me information on what Johnny Crawford has been doing since he played Mark McCain on The Rifleman?

—Lucy B., New York

Crawford, now 58, had a few pop hits as a teen, so when The Rifleman went off the air in 1963, he continued acting, but also pursued music. However, he soon left the pop field and began focusing on Big Band music. He worked as a vocalist in a New York band led by Vince Giordano before starting his own orchestra. Today, Crawford’s passion for that music has turned into a full-time career. He has his own orchestra and produces period music for movies and special events. His band appeared in the film The 13th Floor and he sings over the closing credits of 2002’s Welcome To Colinwood. Personally, he was reunited with his high school girlfriend in 1990 and they married five years later. They live in Los Angeles.