‘Johnny English Reborn’ DVD Review

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on March 24, 2012

Johnny English Reborn
Blu-ray Combo Pack w UltraViolet, DVD & Digital Download ($34.98)

British funnyman Roland Atkinson returns as Her Majesty’s bumbling-est special agent for another bit of secret-agent spoofery, this time to unravel a web of international assassins that will spin his comedic cluelessness to new heights of mayhem and misadventure. “X-Files” fans will enjoy seeing Gillian Anderson camping it up in a supporting role, and one particular scene, where Atkinson prepares a meal orchestrated to a complete piece of classical music, is comedic genius. Extras include gags, commentary, and several behind-the-scenes features, including a look at the movie’s numerous comedic spy gadgets and a chase across London involving an electric wheelchair.

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