Actor Johnny Sheffield

Celebrity Q&A, People
on June 8, 2008

Whatever happened to Johnny Sheffield of the Tarzan movies? He played Boy, Tarzan's son.
—Dana Wright, Brandon, Miss.

Sheffield, now 77, was picked from auditions to become the jungle king's son in 1939, going on to make eight movies alongside Tarzan star Johnny Weissmuller. The character of "Boy" was rescued from a plane crash and adopted by Tarzan, because the Legion of Decency, a religious-based group with considerable clout in Hollywood at the time, frowned on Tarzan and his unmarried mate, Jane, having an out-of-wedlock child. Sheffield appeared in several other films, including a series of big-screen adventures as "Bomba, the Jungle Boy," before retiring in 1955 and investing his earnings in real estate.