Anthony and Jonathan Lapaglia

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on February 22, 2004

I would like to know if Jonathan Lapaglia, who plays a detective on The District, and Anthony Lapaglia, who plays an FBI agent on the show Without a Trace, are related. They sure look alike.

—Margaret M., Tennessee

They sure do, which makes sense because they are, indeed, brothers. Born in Adelaide, Australia, Anthony and Jonathan originally had completely different career paths. Older brother Anthony was a teacher in New York, until he decided to try an acting career. It was a good move—he’s worked in films and onstage, has a Tony award and was nominated for an Emmy for his role as Daphne’s obnoxious brother in Frasier. He and his wife, Gia, live in New York. Jonathan, on the other hand, studied medicine and worked in Australia and London as a physician for three years. As he became interested in acting, Jonathan started taking classes during his off hours, eventually quitting medicine and moving to New York to go into acting full force. After attending the Circle in the Square Theater School, Jonathan got a starring role in the TV series New York Undercover, and has worked steadily since. He is single and lives in Los Angeles.