Guitarist Jonny Lang

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on June 9, 2002

Jonny Lang's talent and voice are inconsistent with his young age. Can you update me on new albums, tour plans, and his background? I am in awe of his musical genius.
—Linda B., Nebraska

You're not alone in your awe. Even blues legend B.B King has marveled at Lang's talent. Lang, 21, always had a passion for music while growing up in Casselton, N.D. He started learning the guitar at age 12, after his dad took him to see the band Bad Medicine in Fargo, N.D. He started taking lessons from their guitarist, Ted Larsen, and proved to be such a talented student that in just a few months he became an official band member. The band was re-named Kid Jonny Lang and the Big Bang. After moving to Minneapolis, the band jumped right into the city's thriving music and club scene. Lang and the band released an album independently that attracted major record labels. In 1997, Lang exploded onto the national scene with his solo debut album, Lie to Me. The attention nabbed him a cameo in the movie Blues Brothers 2000. He's working on an album, scheduled for release later this year, and is touring. Lang, whose given last name is Langseth, married his longtime girlfriend, actress Haylie Johnson, last year.