Who is Josh Bowman from ‘Revenge’?

Celebrity Q&A
on November 17, 2012
REVENGE - ABC's "Revenge" stars Josh Bowman as Daniel Grayson. (ABC/BOB D'AMICO)
What can you tell me about Josh Bowman from the TV series “Revenge”?
Denise Radish, Lincoln, Neb.
Bowman, 24, who was born in Windsor and Maidenhead, England, made the unusual transition from playing rugby in the British leagues to acting.
“I kept getting injured and then I was told I had to retire,” he says. “I loved the performing arts in high school but had no experience besides that. My friend was an agent and she agreed to take me on.”
Since then, Bowman has amassed film credits including “So Undercover,” “The Last Keepers,” “Love’s Kitchen,” “13Hrs,” “Exteriors” and “Prowl,” and on the small screen, he has played recurring roles on ABC Family’s “Make It or Break It” and on the BBC series, “Holby City.”
The British actor says he learned to speak with an American accent after spending a year in New York, where he worked with a speech therapist.
“Then I went back to London and had to continue working on it,” he says. “You discover a rhythm to it. I work on it every day, though. On set, I’m always working on it.”
As for the overwhelming success of “Revenge,” where he plays Daniel Grayson, the actor says, “It’s mad, but I guess throwing you in the deep end, you figure it out and, hopefully, you learn from other actors who have been doing it a while. That’s the wonder of being on a TV show.”
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