Actor Josh Duhamel

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on May 2, 2004

I would like to know more about Josh Duhamel. I read something about him years ago when he first acted on the soap opera All My Children. Now he’s on the television show Las Vegas. What else is he doing?

—Loretta T., Minnesota

The 31-year-old actor can be seen in the movie Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, playing the heartthrob actor of the title. A native of Minot, N.D. (pop. 36,567), Duhamel played quarterback for the local college football team and planned a career in dentistry. That was left behind when he moved to northern California and started modeling. Eventually he moved to Los Angeles, where he caught the eye of an agent while doing temp work in the mailroom of a casting agency. The agent sent him out on one casting call after another, mostly without success. “I started taking classes and became obsessed with actors like Jack Nicholson and Jack Lemmon, trying to figure out what separated the good ones from the bad,” he says. His efforts paid off when he won his first role, as the title character in The Picture of Dorian Gray, followed by a part on the soap opera All My Chidren. He won three Daytime Emmys for his work as the charming Leo before leaving in 2002 and joining the cast of Las Vegas. He recently became engaged to actress/model Kristy Pierce. “She’s the one,” he says.