Actor Josh Lucas

Celebrity Q&A, People
on November 17, 2011

Can you please tell me why Josh Lucas, who played a wonderful guy (and husband) in Sweet Home Alabama, just disappeared from films?

—Mary Ann Powell, Poolesville, Md.

Lucas didn’t disappear. He has a long list of credits since Sweet Home Alabama, including Hulk, Wonderland, An Unfinished Life, Red Dog, Glory Road, Poseidon, Life as We Know It and The Lincoln Lawyer. Most recently, you can see him in J. Edgar, in which he plays Charles Lindbergh.

He also has appeared on TV in the HBO miniseries Empire Falls and PBS's Prohibition.

Currently, the 40-year-old Little Rock, Ark., native is filming The Firm, a TV series for NBC based on the John Grisham novel. In it, he will star as attorney Mitchell McDeere (the role played by Tom Cruise in the movie). “John Grisham and another writer have taken the script and adapted it so that it’s 10 years later—after Mitch and his family come out of the witness-relocation program. I'm very excited about it," he says. "The writing is as good as anything I have ever read, whether it be film or television."