Joshua and Rick Gomez

Celebrity Q&A, People
on January 8, 2012

Q: Is Joshua Gomez from Chuck related to Rick Gomez from Band of Brothers?

—Mylin Carlin, Topeka, Kan.

Bayonne, N.J., natives Joshua, 36, and Rick, 39, are brothers. They have worked together once before in the video game Final Fantasy X-2, with Joshua voicing Baralai and Rick speaking for Gippal, but now they will be acting together in the flesh for a project that Joshua hopes will take off. "I have a short pilot that I co-wrote, and it stars me and my brother, who's also been in a ton of stuff," says Joshua, who for the first time in five years has to get another job now that he is wrapping up his role as Morgan on the final season of Chuck.