Musician Steve Perry

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on April 24, 2005

Could you please tell me what Steve Perry, the former lead singer of Journey, is up to these days?
—Amy M., Iowa

Steve Perry had to cancel a Journey tour in 1997 due to hip/back surgery, which consequently ended the band as it was during the 1980s, when it had hit songs such as Open Arms and Faithfully. Although the band tours with a new drummer and lead singer, Perry, 56, has no plans to return to the fold or do any solo touring either. The unmarried San Diego resident prefers keeping a low profile these days. Perry, a native of Hanford, Calif. (pop. 41,686), worked on the Monster soundtrack with actress Charlize Theron and his most recent project was lending his voice and songwriting skills to a David Pack CD, which should be out later this year.