Judge Judy

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on October 16, 2005

What can you tell me about Judge Judy? How old is she and how can I get in touch with her?
—Marvin K., Wisconsin

Judge Judy, 62, now in the 10th season of her reality courtroom series, was born Judith Sheindlin in Brooklyn, N.Y. She graduated from the School of Government at American University in Washington, D.C., earned a degree from New York Law School and began practicing law in Manhattan in 1965. When asked about her decision to hang up her robes for television, she replies, "For 24 years I tried to change the way families deal with problems on a very small scale, one case at a time. Now I can use the skills I have developed and take my message to more people everyday." She also has published a few books—Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining, Judge Judy Sheindlin's You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover and a children's book called Win Or Lose By How You Choose. Although her show is produced in Los Angeles, she lives in Florida with husband Jerry Sheindlin, who's also a judge. They have five children between them, as well as 11 grandchildren. You can contact Judge Judy at P.O. Box 949, Hollywood, CA 90078.