Actress-singer Julie Andrews

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on August 4, 2002

I saw the movie The Princess Diaries, co-starring Julie Andrews. She's always been a favorite performer of mine. What can you tell me about her?
—Ruth N., Tennessee

It's hard to know where to start. The 66-year-old actress and singer has had such an illustrious career and interesting life. Born in England, she showed a talent for singing as a young child and performed with her parents at England's music halls. Her first solo performance came at age 11, when she sang for the Queen Mother Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. Before she turned 20, she came to America and starred on Broadway, first in The Boyfriend and most famously in My Fair Lady opposite Rex Harrison. Her first movie was Mary Poppins, followed by The Sound of Music, and America fell in love with the young, vibrant star. She continually impressed and surprised her fans, ably handling comedy, drama, and always singing beautifully, with an incredible four-octave vocal range. Sadly, in 1997 she underwent throat surgery that left her unable to sing afterward. Married to film director Blake Edwards, she has raised five children and has written children's books. She and Edwards live in New York. Andrews received the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors last year for lifetime achievement as an actress.