Ask AP: Julio Iglesias

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on February 8, 2009

I’d like to know whatever happened to singer Julio Iglesias. I think his son sings, too.

—Bebe Bailey, Paradise, Calif.

The international superstar, 65, continues to sing all over the world. Last spring, he took ill and had to cancel some American concerts. “I was very unhappy for that,” he says. “I love the United States. I will be back in 2009 and plan to spend the year there.” Iglesias became a singer when an automobile accident nearly took his life as a teenager and stripped him of his promising sports career. “I came back from something that you normally stay in a wheelchair from. I do not take this for granted,” he says. Iglesias has two generations of families—three older children (including Julio Jr. and Enrique, both singers) by his first wife, and five younger children by his second. He has homes in the Dominican Republic, Spain and Miami.