Singers Justin Timberlake and Al Green

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on May 9, 2004

Justin Timberlake recently sang a duet with a blues singer. Could you tell me the name of the singer and the name of the song they sang together?
—J. T. T., Kentucky

Justin Timberlake and the legendary Al Green performed a special rendition of Let's Stay Together on Timberlake's 2003 NBC-TV special Down Home in Memphis. Green, 57, scored his first No. 1 hit with the song in 1972. But a few years after his hit, Green decided to become a minister and committed himself to the church. The Rev. Green still preaches and sings at the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in Memphis, Tenn. Last November, Green released I Can't Stop, his first secular studio CD in more than two decades. Green and Timberlake's mom, Lynn Harless, are neighbors in the Memphis suburb of Shelby Forest, Tenn.