Child Star Karle Marie Warren

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on July 15, 2001

I'd like to know more about the child star who plays Lauren on Judging Amy. She looks like co-star Tyne Daly so much. Are they related?
—Sylvia F., Texas

There's no relation. Karle Marie Warren, who plays Lauren Cassidy on the popular CBS show, previously spent a year on the UPN comedy DiResta. The 9-year-old lives in Los Angeles with her mother and younger brother Justin, who also is a child performer. When Karle was 6, the family relocated from Idaho, where her career began at a local print and commercial agency in Boise. Besides her series work, she completed a role on the WB pilot Helmet Heads and guest-starred in Comedy Central's Frank Goes to the Orient. She lists her hobbies as drawing, swimming, and roller-skating.