Author Kathryn Stockett

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on October 22, 2011

I just saw The Help and was wondering if author Kathryn Stockett had a maid similar to those she wrote about when she was growing up?
—Vicki Taylor, Austin, Texas

Stockett, 42, who wrote the best-selling book on which the movie is based, did indeed have a housekeeper, whom she refers to as her co-mother and who cared for her while her mom worked.

Stockett's real-life mom has a small part in the film, which was shot on location in and around Greenwood, Miss.

A few other fun facts from the movie: Brent's Pharmacy soda fountain was recreated from the real-life soda fountain where Stockett and The Help director, Tate Taylor, 42, went for milkshakes and grilled cheese sandwiches when they were kids. The food in the movie was made by local chefs to make sure it looked authentic and homemade. Also, a dialect coach was hired to make sure everyone's Southern accent was authentic to the Mississippi Delta and the time period.