‘Merlin’ Star Katie McGrath

Celebrity Q&A
on March 26, 2012


What can you tell me about the actress who plays Morgana on the Syfy series Merlin?
Cindy Thorne, Greeneville, S.C.
That’s Katie McGrath, 28, who was born in Ashford, Ireland, and earned a history degree at Trinity College in Dublin. While working as a wardrobe assistant on the British series The Tudors, she won a small role on the show.
McGrath appeared in the films Eden and Freakdog before winning the part of Morgana. She played a young Princess Margaret in a docudrama The Queen and also had a part in Madonna’s directorial debut of the King Edward VIII movie W.E. 
McGrath starred in the Hallmark Channel’s A Princess for Christmas and co-stars in the miniseries Labyrinth, based on the Kate Mosse best-selling archaeological mystery centered on the Holy Grail. 
Of her change in appearance this season, she says, “Morgana now kind of looks like a Goth Jessica Rabbit. She’s the character that really changes the most in the series because of where she starts and where she has to go—it’s a massive transformation.” 
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