Singer Katrina Elam

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on November 28, 2004

I went to a Country Gold concert that featured Katrina Elam. Can you tell me anything about her?

—Jason P., Iowa

The 20-year-old singer from Bray, Okla. (pop. 1,035), released her first album, called Katrina Elam, in October. A born performer, Elam showed the world that she could belt out a song when she took the stage at a local 4-H talent show at age 9. She never stopped singing after that, and moved to Nashville, Tenn., at age 17 to pursue a career. “It was weird going from a town where everybody knows each other to a place where nobody knows you at all,” she says. Now she’s got a single on the radio and is touring with Keith Urban. “I was doing a show in Kansas City, Mo., singing my single, and I looked out and saw a woman singing along! To think someone knew the words to my song already was so cool.”