Keep Your Pet Healthy for Less

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on March 18, 2010

Here are some ways to keep your furry pals healthy and happy without breaking the bank.

  • Read labels. High-quality pet food has meat as the first ingredient on the label, little or no animal byproducts and fewer fillers and carbohydrates such as corn. Nutritious food helps keep pets healthy. Buying large bags or cases is the most economical approach.
  • Keep pets trim. Obesity leads to arthritis, diabetes and cancer in dogs and cats just as it does in humans. Make time for daily exercise, dont overfeed your pet and limit treats.
  • Spay or neuter pets to cut down on breast cancer and do away with uterine infections, testicular and uterine cancer, says veterinarian Susan R. Rosenblatt, of Kindness Animal Hospital, in Waltham, Mass. Walk-in and mobile clinics often offer low-cost spaying and neutering.
  • Schedule vet visits. Pets need regular checkups to catch problems early when they are less costly to treat. However, animals dont necessarily need all vaccinations each year. Ask your veterinarian which vaccines your pet needs, and skip the others.
  • Comparison shop. Some pet medicines and health products can be purchased for less online or at pet stores, although you need your vets prescription for pharmaceuticals. Be sure to deal with reputable online vendors, Rosenblatt says. Some small companies wont stand behind their products if your pet becomes ill. Your veterinarian may match online prices if you ask.
  • Groom at home. Stretch time between professional groomings by bathing pets and trimming their nails yourself. Brushing your pets teeth cuts down on expensive cleaning.
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