Help Your Child Keep Fit

Health, Home & Family
on June 24, 2001

Computers, video games, and some television are great for exercising young minds, but its just as important that childrens bodies get a workout, too.

Start by getting the entire family moving. Introduce exercise gradually by taking leisurely family walks after dinner.

Encourage your child to play with neighborhood friends. Introduce games you played as a child, such as Kick the Can, Freeze Tag, or Red Rover.

Children who like team sports could join school, community, or church athletics leagues. Most offer baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, and football.

Group activities consist of much more than competitive sports. Your child might be interested in joining a dance class (ballet, tap, jazz), gymnastics, school band, or drill team.

In addition, you can:

  • Plan family hikes, nature walks, camping, and canoeing trips.
  • Teach children to bicycle or skate at a young age and encourage them to continue.
  • Sign them up for swimming lessons.
  • Insist children help with the physical chores.

Get more active with your child on a regular basis; not only to boost good health, but also to foster family closeness.

By providing for your childs health and physical well being, you guarantee the development of a more confident, coordinated, and happy child.

Consistently encouraging physical activity and healthy eating habits during childhood will help build these habits for a lifetime.