Singer-songwriter Keith Anderson

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on August 21, 2005

Keith Anderson Writes His Own Country Hits

While his debut hit, Pickin' Wildflowers, is serving as an introduction of his singing talents, Keith Anderson, 37, already has proven himself as an adept songwriter, penning the Grammy-nominated Beer Run, a duet for Garth Brooks and George Jones, and The Bed for Gretchen Wilson. Fortunately, he saved a few songs for himself, writing all 11 tracks on his first album, Three Chord Country and American Rock & Roll. Although the former model is one of People magazine's "50 Hottest Bachelors," there is substance behind his style. A mechanic's son raised in Miami, Okla. (pop. 13,704), Anderson graduated with honors from Oklahoma State University's engineering program and was accepted at a Dallas physical therapy school when he decided instead to pursue his dream of making music. "The month before I started, I thought, ‘Wait a minute—If I'm ever going to do music, I need to go for it 100 percent. Now. Physical therapy will always be there, and my engineering degree will always be there,'" Anderson says.