Country Superstar Keith Urban

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on June 3, 2001

Is singer Keith Urban Australian? I thought I heard that he was, but you sure can't tell it when he sings.
—Heather D., North Dakota

Keith Urban, 33, was raised in Australia on a steady diet of country music because his father was a big country music fan. "Actually, the first concert he took me and my brother to was Tom T. Hall, and then Johnny Cash the week after that," Urban says. He began playing guitar at age 6 and performing in talent shows at age 7. Urban moved to Nashville, Tenn., in 1992 to pursue his dream. "I used to read on the back of Dad's records and every one of them was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee," he says. "I told my dad that's where I had to go to make records." On hits such as Your Everything and But for the Grace of God, Urban sounds just as country as his American counterparts. He was self-conscious about his accent once and wouldn't talk on stage during concerts, but that changed. "I don't really get any responses from the audience," he says. "The most common one is, 'You aren't from around here, are you?'"