Kenny Chesney Comes of Age

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on November 20, 2005

Kenny Chesney Comes Of Age

Country music superstar Kenny Chesney wrote the title track of his new release, The Road & The Radio, for anyone who’s found wisdom in tunes and travel. "That idea of not talking about it, just getting in the car and letting the white lines and the songs coming out of the speakers show you the answers," Chesney explains. "You’d be surprised the truth you can find in those things." Chesney’s 11th album marks a bit of a coming of age, especially in a song such as "Like Me," sung from the perspective of a dreamer who made it against all odds, and the clearly autobiographical "In A Small Town." "I moved away from that small town ’cause I hated it, ’cause I was after bigger dreams—and you don’t realize who you really are or where you’re from ’til you leave," he confesses.