‘Kentucky Fried Movie’ Blu-ray Review

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on July 26, 2013

Kentucky Fried Movie
Blu-ray ($19.97, Shout! Factory)

This groundbreaking 1977 comedy lit the fuse on the moviemaking careers of director John Landis, who’d go on to make “Animal House” and “The Blues Brothers,” and the writing team of David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker, who’d later write and direct “Airplane!,” “Top Secret!” and the “Naked Gun” film series. A collection of lewd, loosely connected sketches with several recognizable faces (Bill Bixby, Donald Sutherland, Henry Gibson) stirred into the merry-making mess, it’s a time capsule of pop-culture parody that’s today considered a cult classic—and a template for the entire “movie spoof” genre that followed.