Actor Kevin Dillon

Celebrity Q&A, People
on October 29, 2011

Kevin Dillon's character Bert in his new series How To Be a Gentleman reminds me a lot of his character Johnny Drama on Entourage. Is Dillon like them in real life?
—Laura Clarkson, Chino, Calif.

Dillon, 46, says he is actually a tad closer to Andrew, the character his co-star David Hornsby plays in How To Be a Gentleman.

He explains, "My mom gave me a lot of pointers on etiquette, and so did my dad. So I would say-I'm one of six kids, five boys-we all have good manners, hold doors and do all that stuff." Which may be why the Mamaroneck, N.Y.-born and raised actor took both roles.

"It's fun to play the wild man, the crazy guy, and the guy who's just unpredictable," Dillon says. And he agrees that both characters have similarities. "Bert's more of a happy-go-lucky guy than Drama, but they're both passionate about what they do. He really wants to get his gym going. That's something that Drama had with the acting thing. They both have the physical fitness aspect, but I think this guy in a way is kind of more lovable."