Kevin McKidd

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on January 21, 2010

Kevin McKidd from Grey’s Anatomy is from Scotland. Will he ever have a role where he gets to use his real accent?
Brad Lawrence, Buffalo, N.Y.

McKidd, 36, has used his Scottish accent for a voice-only role in the video game Modern Warfare 2 and in an upcoming Pixar film, The Bear and the Bow, scheduled for release in 2012. For the TV series Rome, Journeyman and his role as Dr. Owen Hunt on Grey’s, he affects an American accent. While he hopes one day to play a Scotsman, for now, he says he enjoys his American inflections. "I actually prefer it, in some strange way," he says. "It helps me fully step inside a character. I know that some actors don’t like it. They find it like a chain around their neck. But it helps my creative flow."