Kevin Sorbo: Busier Than Ever

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on January 11, 2013

What’s going on with Kevin Sorbo of the “Hercules” TV series?
—Kim Lee, Willow Spring, N.C.

Sorbo, the married father of three children and native of Mound, Minn., is working up a storm. He appeared in the recent TV movie “Christmas Angel” and stars in “Abel’s Field,” which goes to DVD on Jan. 22, in which he plays a janitor who befriends a student in a small Texas town. “I call it a modern-day Cain and Abel meets ‘Friday Night Lights,’” says the actor, 54, who has six more movies awaiting release, including “God’s Not Dead,” “FDR” and “Julia X.” His book “True Strength,” that deals with the strokes he had while making the TV series “Hercules” and his recovery, is now in paperback.