‘True Grit’ Star Kim Darby

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on February 18, 2007

Q Can you tell me where Kim Darby is and what she is doing today? She was great in the movie True Grit with John Wayne.
—Joe Rowan, The Villages, Fla.

Darby, now 59, was barely in her 20s when she made the now-classic Western in 1969. She had just had her baby daughter and turned down the major role of spunky Mattie Ross several times before the producer won her over. After the movie, she continued to act in a number of movie and TV projects and taught classes on acting at the University of California-Los Angeles. Last year, she portrayed an alcoholic mail carrier in an independent film called Cold One. "I had never played a drunk," she says. "It was a great experience." On the personal side, Darby recently ended a romantic relationship with former Rifleman TV star Johnny Crawford.