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on April 20, 2003

What can you tell me about the musician Kitaro? Where can I buy his CDs?
—Betty M., Oregon.

The composer and performer, who plays multiple instruments, is having a big year so far. His An Ancient Journey CD has been nominated for a Grammy for Best New Age Album, and his newest effort, Best of Silk Road, was released in February. He just completed a tour in China in 2002. Kitaro, among the best-known of New Age musicians, was born into a Buddhist/Shintoist farming family in Japan. He credits his rural youth with giving him a feel for nature. Kitaro gained a following in Japan in 1980 when he created the music to Silk Road, a documentary about the overland trade route from Japan to Europe. His American audience grew in 1985 with the simultaneous release of several of his compilations. Nominated several times for a Grammy, he won the award for 2001 Best New Age Album for Thinking of You. He also won a Golden Globe for his score for Oliver Stone's Heaven and Earth, the final movie in a trilogy about Vietnam. His music can be purchased anywhere that sells Domo Records, or you can buy directly from the record company at