Actress Kristen Stewart

Celebrity Q&A, People
on January 21, 2012

Q: What's next for Kristen Stewart now that she has finished filming the Twilight movies?

—Catherine Millcroft, Lawton, Okla.

After taking a break, Stewart, 21, flew to London to film the classic role of Snow White in one of the two upcoming films about the fairy tale that will be released later this year. Snow White & the Huntsman, the movie in which the Los Angeles-born actress stars, offers a new twist on an old tale-one in which Snow White fights back again the Evil Queen who wants her dead.

"I know everyone says that the reason that this [film] is so cool is that we've all grown up with these stories and it's a retelling," says Stewart, "but I didn't grow up on fairy tales, so I'm like, 'Nah, not really.'"

As proof that Snow White & the Huntsman is very different than the iconic Disney version, Stewart, will only say she has been listening to English singer-songwriter Adele's new album because it is the perfect music for the military aspects of the role.

"Honestly, I've choreographed like whole marches with my army behind me," she says. "So, I'm listening to that a lot. It's really good for the story, almost oddly good for it, too good for it. It hit the nail right on the head."

Stewart goes on to say that the only comparison she sees between Bella [her Twilight character] and Snow White is that "they really are both in different ways matriarchs-very strong matriarchs." While Stewart has moved on to her next role, The Twilight Saga isn't quite over. Part two of Breaking Dawn will be released in November.