15 Hacks to Upgrade Your Lake Weekend

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on August 8, 2016

There’s no place on earth quite as relaxing as the lake—so we’re here to make sure your lakeside entertaining is as stress-free as possible. Try out these 15 tips and tricks, and your weekend is sure to go swimmingly.


DIY Floating Cooler 

DIY Floating Drink Cooler | Read More at AmericanProfile.com


This step-by-step DIY project transforms simple household items, like plastic bins and pool noodles, into a lake-worthy cooler. Now, you and your drinks can stay cool while floating the day away.


Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

Aloe Vera Ice Cubes | Read More at AmericanProfile.com

Earth’s Daughter

Combine the soothing powers of Aloe vera with the cooling properties of ice for a sunburn solution that’s both effective and fun.


Floating Cork Key Chain 

DIY Floating Cork Key Chain | Read More at AmericanProfile.com


Never fear losing your keys again. This simple, three-step DIY is sure to become the clumsy boater’s best friend.


Grown-Up Lemonade Pouches 

Grown-Up Lemonade Pouches | Read More at AmericanProfile.com

Brandi Bidot

Remember the Capri Sun you loved as a kid? Meet the grown-up version.


Capri Sun Slushies 

Capri Sun Slushy | Read More at AmericanProfile.com

Girl Inspired

Of course, we can’t forget about the kids! Try freezing Capri Sun pouches and using them as additional ice packs in your cooler during the morning. Then, when the afternoon sun hits, they’ll transform into the ultimate slushy treat.


Marinated Kabobs

Marinated Kabobs | Read More at AmericanProfile.com

Emily Clifton

We’re convinced that kabobs are the ultimate lake food—simply toss your favorite meat into a baggie in the morning, let it marinate while you float, then throw on the grill as the sun sets. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


DIY Floating Basketball Hoop

DIY Floating Basketball Hoop | Read More at AmericanProfile.com

Home Depot Community

This DIY takes seven simple steps and results in hours upon hours of fun. Let the games begin.


Mason Jar Meals

Mason Jar Meals | Meghan Mountford

Meghan Mountford

These personalized picnics make lunchtime a breeze.


DIY Fire Starter

DIY Fire Starter | Read More at AmericanProfile.com

Sew Many Ways

Cardboard egg containers can be a clever way to carry charcoal and a DIY fire starter— all in one.


Watermelon Pops

Watermelon Pops | Read More at Relish.com

Jo-Anna Rooney

All the fun of a popsicle—none of the sticky fingers.


Mess-Free Grilled Cheesy Fries

Mess-Free Grilled Cheesy Fries | Read More at AmericanProfile.com


Foil packets are another great way to make the most of lake day. Simply assemble your ingredients in the morning, toss on the grill in the evening and the mess practically cleans up itself.


Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

Apartment Therapy

“Upcycle” your leftover wine bottles into a creative light fixture that will repel mosquitos while adding a little sparkle to your boat or BBQ.


Mason Jar Ice Cream Sundaes

Mason Jar Ice Cream Sundaes | Read More at AmericanProfile.com

Catch My Party & DIY Paper Joy

Pack pre-scooped ice cream and your favorite toppings in mason jars for a lakeside sundae bar.


DIY Dock Hammock

DIY Dock Hammock | Read More at AmericanProfile.com

Dylan Eastman

Paradise awaits. Are your DIY skills up to the task?


Cooler Packing Cheat Sheet

Cooler Packing Cheat Sheet | Read More at AmericanProfile.com


Overwhelmed by all these delicious options? This handy diagram has your back.