Cyclist Lance Armstrong

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on January 28, 2001

How is the health of world-class cyclist Lance Armstrong, who once battled cancer?
—James S., Maine

Lance Armstrong, 29 and a two-time Tour de France winner, remains cancer free and an inspiration to cancer patients everywhere. He lives in the south of France with his wife, Kristin, and son, Luke, 1. Born in Plano, Texas, Armstrong began competing professionally in 1992 and was among the top-ranked bikers internationally when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1996, which spread to his lungs, brain, and abdomen. Doctors removed the brain tumors, and Armstrong underwent three months of successful chemotherapy, going into remission in December 1996. He won his first Tour De France in July 1999, repeating the feat in 2000. Armstrong, who says he'll retire in 2004, recently released his autobiography, It's Not About the Bike.