Magician Lance Burton

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on June 22, 2003

Can you give me some information about master magician Lance Burton? Is he married and does he have children?
—Cindy H., California

Lance Burton discovered magic as a 5-year-old in Lousiville, Ky., when he attended a Christmas party that had a magician on hand for entertainment. Lance was amazed by all the tricks and immediately volunteered when the tuxedo-clad performer asked for help from someone in the audience. He started studying magic soon after, mastering all the tricks he could find in kids' magic kits and books. The interest became an obsession, and as a teenager he began studying in earnest, with that same local magician who wowed him at the Christmas party. By age 20, Burton won the Gold Medal for Excellence from the International Brotherhood of Magicians, a highly prestigious award in the world of magic. Before long he was appearing on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, delighting the magic-loving host with his sleight-of-hand. He's had his own TV specials and traveled around the world astounding audiences with his magic. Today, he performs regularly in Las Vegas at the Lance Burton room of the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino. He's not married —saying that he is married to his work— and has a 21-year-old son.