Singer Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

Celebrity Q&A, People
on November 15, 2011

Now that Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. won America’s Got Talent, what will he do with the $1 million?

—Carl Unitas, Norman, Okla.

Murphy, 37, plans to invest in his four children’s future. "My kids are very talented also," says the singer from Logan County, W. Va. "I want them to finish school and hopefully go off to college and pursue their dreams. I want to build a big house for my family, spend some money on my wife, pamper her a lot."

But he also admits he is thinking of opening an automotive detail shop that treats everyone like a VIP. "I think everybody should get red-carpet treatment wherever they go when they’re spending their money," says the season six winner, who was washing cars to support his family prior to entering America’s Got Talent.