Musician Laura Hall

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on June 29, 2003

I'm a big fan of Laura Hall, the piano player who co-stars on ABC's Whose Line is it Anyway? Tell me more about her.
—Rich C., Montana

This talented woman has played with almost every improv group in Chicago and Los Angeles. Hall started in improv as a musical director at the famous Second City in Chicago. On Whose Line, she's the bandleader and keyboard player. "My part is when we do song improv," Hall says about her role on the show. "One of the actors has to make up a song on the spot, about a subject given to him. I make up the music with him, along with our guitar player, Linda Taylor." Hall wasn't interested in improv while growing up in Chicago. But she knew she wanted to be a musician. She wrote songs, played in bands and piano bars. She found her way into a waitressing job at Second City and wound up as musical director with the touring company. Hall also has composed some original musicals, co-produced Dan Castellaneta's (the voice of Homer Simpson) Beatles tribute album titled Two Lips, and has written and produced two albums of children's music—I See a Tiger and Come Join the Parade. She's even in a band called The Trinkets. Hall has a 4-year-old daughter.