Actress Laura Innes

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on December 2, 2001

Please tell me what you can both personally and professionally about Laura Innes from the television show ER.
—Timothy F., Missouri

As a child growing up in Birmingham, Mich., (pop. 19,291) Innes was enchanted by the plays she saw with her family at the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in Ontario. As she got older, that enchantment stayed with her, and she wholeheartedly took her father's advice to "do what you love." She studied theater at Northwestern University. After graduation, she began serious stage work in Chicago, working with John Malkovich and David Mamet. She continued to act on stage in New York City, eventually meeting and marrying a fellow actor, David Brisbin. They moved to Los Angeles, and Innes soon got a recurring role on the show Wings. She joined ER in its second season and became a series regular the next season. Innes has received two Emmy nominations for her role on ER and has directed a couple of episodes. She also directed an episode of The West Wing. Movie credits include Deep Impact and Can't Stop Dancing. She and her husband have a son.