Singer Lauren Wood

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on December 15, 2002

I'm a fan of Just Shoot Me and like the show's theme song. Who sings it?
—Don H., Wisconsin

Lauren Wood sings the NBC show's theme song. She sang Fallen on the Pretty Woman soundtrack as well as Please Don't Leave, a duet with Michael McDonald. A native of Pittsburgh, Wood discovered music as a child, playing piano before she could read music. She composed her own songs as a teenager and nabbed her first record contract at age 18. She moved to Los Angeles, where she released two solo albums, then wrote songs for other artists. Her songs have been recorded by Gladys Knight, Sammy Hagar, and Cher, among others. Wood also worked on film and television soundtracks. She continued to sing, usually in commercials and other artists' recordings. She also followed other creative muses—making a film and starting a greeting card company using photos of her pet cats. The success of the Pretty Woman soundtrack led her to start her own record company, and she released an album titled Lauren Wood in 1998, her first solo album since the early 1980s. The album includes the popular Fallen. Wood has had such an incredible response to the Just Shoot Me theme that she plans to include the full version of the song on her next album, due out next year.