'I Hope You Dance'

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on February 11, 2001

The song I Hope You Dance by country singer Lee Ann Womack is such a beautiful, powerful song. Is there a story behind it?
—Caryl J., Wisconsin

"We all have really big decisions to make at points in our life and … mine was a very heartbreaking decision," says Tia Sillers, who wrote last year's Country Music Association's Song of the Year with Mark D. Sanders. The song encourages a sense of wonder, awe, and giving "faith a fighting chance." Says Sillers. "I went down to the beach (and) I thought, 'I feel so small when I stand beside the ocean; I'm just so inconsequential.'" She took those thoughts to a songwriting session with Sanders, and, with the lyrics, "I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean," a hit was born.