'Left Behind'

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on November 4, 2001

I am reading the Left Behind series of books and love them. Will they be made into movies?
—Deb B., Kentucky

Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains), wife Chelsea Noble, and Brad Johnson star in the film version of Left Behind, the first book in the popular series. The film came out on video, available at Christian bookstores, in October 2000 and was released in theaters nationally in February 2001. Left Behind, written by biblical scholar Tim LaHaye and novelist Jerry Jenkins, came about during an airplane trip LaHaye took. He wondered what would happen if some of the events described in the book of Revelation happened right then. LaHaye realized he had the basis for a novel, but as a nonfiction writer, he didn't feel comfortable attempting it himself. His agent paired him with Jenkins, and the two quickly proved a successful team. Left Behind became a best seller and has led to a series of eight books, which have sold millions of copies. A ninth book in the series hit the shelves Oct. 30.