Leon Rhodes and Buddy Emmons

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on March 10, 2002

What happened to Leon Rhodes and Buddy Emmons, who were musicians in Ernest Tubb's Texas Troubadours band?
—Frank W., Florida

Leon Rhodes, who plays guitar and six-string bass, and steel guitarist Buddy Emmons live in Nashville, Tenn., and are still in demand. (Tubb died in 1984.) Rhodes played with the Grand Ole Opry's band for several years. He also plays on many Nashville recording sessions. "I've played with everybody but Santa Claus," he jokes. Rhodes is a father of four and has been married for about 37 years. Emmons toured with The Everly Brothers last year. After leaving Tubb, he moved to California, where he spent seven years playing bass guitar with Roger Miller. Emmons moved back to Nashville in 1974 and worked as a session player (with various groups, whenever needed). "Buddy just quit doing sessions (last) year," says his wife, Peggy. "He just decided he wanted to quit. He likes working with the Everlys." Married for more than 32 years, Peggy and Buddy have five children.