Newsman Lester Holt

Celebrity Q&A, People
on January 31, 2012

Q: Lester Holt is an excellent news anchor for NBC. Where and how did he get his start in broadcasting?

—M. Rhodes, Troy, Ala.

"My first on-air job was actually as a disc jockey at a country and Western station. The only way I could land a full-time gig was if I was willing to report the news," says Holt, 52, a native of Marin County, Calif. "I was hooked." He kept that Sacramento radio gig while earning his degree in government at California State University. Since joining NBC News in 2000, Holt has earned the nickname "Iron Pants." "When there's breaking news, I don't want to leave the chair," says the Dateline NBC anchor and co-anchor of the weekend edition of Today.