Classic Film Stars Lewis Stone and Faye Holden

Celebrity Q&A
on July 21, 2012

Please tell us something about Lewis Stone and Faye Holden, who played Mickey Rooney’s parents in the Andy Hardy series.
—A. Richardson, Livonia, Mich.

Stone was born in Worcester, Mass., and fought in the Spanish-American Civil War. Famed for his role as Judge James Hardy in 15 films of the MGM series between 1937 and 1946, his movie career spanned from 1914 to 1953 and included seven films with Greta Garbo. Stone, whose credits included Grand Hotel, The Patriot and Queen Christina, died of a heart at attack at age 73 in 1953. Holden, a native of Birmingham, England, made 46 movies between 1935 and 1958 and is best known as Emily Hardy. She died of cancer at 79 in 1973. Six of the Andy Hardy films are now on DVD.

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