‘Life of Pi’ Blu-ray Review

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on March 24, 2013
LOP-1 - Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma) and a fierce Bengal tiger named Richard Parker must rely on each other to survive an epic journey.

Life of Pi
Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy ($39.99)

The amazing-looking movie based on the best-selling international hit novel is now available on a bonus-loaded Blu-ray, where it continues to spin its captivating, visually stunning magic with the tale of a young Indian man, Pi, on a fateful voyage alone on the ocean in a lifeboat with the only other survivor of a spectacularly terrifying shipwreck, a massive Bengal Tiger. Your eyes will be dazzled by the Oscar-winning cinematography, a mix of live action and computer-generated wizardry, and the your head will be filled with the mind-bending story of faith, wonder and the interconnectivity of life that unfolds under the supervision of director Ang Lee (who also took home a 2013 Academy Award).