The Life of Linda Lavin After ‘Alice’

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on August 31, 2012


Can you give an update on Linda Lavin of the Alice TV series?
—Rose Agee, Staunton, W.Va.
The native of Portland, Maine, 74, has performed on Broadway across six decades, been nominated for six Tony Awards and won for “Broadway Bound” in 1987. If you were in the Big Apple recently, you may have seen her on posters for her starring role in “The Lyons.” Also a cabaret singer, she released the album “Possibilities” earlier this year. “These are the songs I grew up with, the songs I’ve known since I was a child,” she says. Lavin and actor-musician husband Steve Bakunas live in Wilmington, N.C., where they have operated the Red Barn Studio Theater since 2007. As for her 1976-1985 TV series, the first season of “Alice” is now on DVD.