Actress Linda Purl

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on October 24, 2004

What is Linda Purl doing now and who is her mother? She looks so much like an actress that was popular in the 1950s.

—Joyce W., Colorado

Though the Matlock star is not in a regular TV series these days, Purl has been active on Broadway and on television, and as a single mom at home. Purl, who divides her time between Los Angeles and Colorado, recently founded the Colorado World Festival of Theatre, which will present international theater productions throughout the state. She also sings. “While it’s never been the focus of my career, it’s been a steady part of my life,” she says. Her first album is called Alone Together, and she’s got a follow-up coming out in 2005. Her mother was not an actress, nor does she have any relatives who were acting in the 1950s. “Shirley Jones and Ann Francis played my moms, though,” she offers.