'Little Red Riding Hood'

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on July 16, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood
Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy ($35.99)

The age-old fairy tale gets a colorful, artsy Hollywood facelift with Amada Seyfried as the beautiful young Euro villager of the title trying to avoid the claws of a local werewolf. The plot thickens with the arrival of a famed beast hunter (Gary Oldman, hamming it up) and a pronouncement that the dangerous creature is actually one of the villagers—perhaps even the hunky woodcutter who’s captured Li’l Red’s heart. A bounty of bonus features includes casting auditions; picture-in-picture commentary from Seyfried, other actors and the director; rehearsal footage; flubs and crackups; two music videos inspired by the soundtrack; making-of docs; and an alternative ending.

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